I am Yvonne Hamlin

I am passionate about Collingwood and will work to protect its unique character.

For over 25 years I practiced municipal and planning law, working with many staff, residents and councils across the Province.

I have the know-how to not only understand the issues, but to get things done at Council.

We need:

  1. to establish clear planning rules so that new development respects our neighbourhoods, while still encouraging badly needed housing and employment.
  2. to create and enforce strong rules for Council so that we never have even a hint of dishonest conduct from our elected officials again.

Over the years, I have taken leadership roles in several charitable and non-profit organizations in our area.  Currently I am on the boards of the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts, The Institute of Southern Georgian Bay and am the chair of the Blue Mountain Public Art Committee. I also have served as president of the Purple Hills Arts & Heritage Society.

I have recently worked hard for our neighbourhood to ensure issues were dealt with as they arose, in regard to a large development that is underway in our midst. As a result, Council has enacted several by-laws to make residents life better when huge machinery is literally on their doorstep.


We can do better.

I am ready to work for you.


Next Steps...

The future of Collingwood requires Council to balance the needs of current residents, new residents, current businesses and new businesses.

I will work to ensure this happens.