My husband and I live in Collingwood.

I have been an active volunteer and leader in the arts community. Welcomed friends and family as visitors and as new residents.

I have worked hard for my neighbourhood to address numerous issues arising out of a new large development which is being built in our midst – razing trees, creating groundwater and drainage issues, disturbing boundary trees, and creating noise and dust on our streets and in our homes.

I have facilitated positive discussion among neighbours, staff, and council.

Collingwood now has, for the first time, a noise by-law. This by-law limits the use of heavy construction equipment on development sites on weekends – and before 7am.

Collingwood also now has a by-law that has the teeth to ensure that those who drop gravel and dirt on our streets will clean it up.

We are currently working on new provisions for its subdivision agreement to help ensure dust control throughout the entire buildout.

Collingwood is no longer a small sleepy Town. We have already grown so much in the last decade and we have been told by the Province to expect another 10,000 residents over the next decade.

This kind of growth is an opportunity for Collingwood so long as we manage it properly. I have the experience and knowledge to help guide Collingwood through this exciting time.

Collingwood needs a voice on Council that can ensure that our future is the best it can be. Collingwood is a great place to live.

The future can be even better.

Yvonne and Harold and their 5 children.  Eldest daughter Natalie’s July 2018 wedding held at Grandma Lambe’s Barn in Meaford.
Yvonne and Harold and their 5 children. Eldest daughter Natalie’s July 2018 wedding held at Grandma Lambe’s Barn in Meaford.


We have lived in a condo in the Shipyards, and now own a home in the south part of Town.


We regularly welcome friends and family into our community.

I see our town through the eyes of a resident and a tourist and I see that we need to do more. Our future must include beautiful streetscapes, parks, public spaces and buildings.

It is one thing to have design guidelines. To work for the future of Collingwood demands we have the best guidelines and that we implement them.


My husband and I have five children between us. All young adults. I understand too well the challenges young people face today getting started, finding sustainable work, and building savings.

The future of Collingwood demands we ensure that we engage with and listen to our young people. We must do all we can to help them successfully settle here, raise families, and build our town.


I practiced municipal and planning law for over 25 years, making me uniquely qualified to understand the challenges that Collingwood faces.

I can bring a knowledge of the tools we need as Council to make Collingwood the best it can be.


All those who want to develop and build in our town should not only follow the rules but go beyond them. It should be a privilege to build here.

We deserve the best. I will ask for it.


I have gotten to know so many wonderful people in our community through my involvement in our neighbourhood and in the arts community.

Another family member and active volunteer!
Another family member and active volunteer!

Next Steps...

The future of Collingwood requires Council to balance the needs of current residents, new residents, current businesses and new businesses.

I will work to ensure this happens.