J.C. Stacey Photographer
J.C. Stacey Photographer


Collingwood is changing.

The Provincial government has mandated that Collingwood is to grow. That growth is well underway.

Within the next 10 years or so, we can expect another 10,000 new residents.

But we do not need to accept growth at any cost. We can demand the best building designs, the best community layouts, the highest standards for roads and parks and walkways. We really have only one chance to get it right.

Having worked in the municipal planning world for almost 3 decades, I understand how we can work together with the development and investment communities to make the most of the opportunities that our Town has to offer.

We all want Collingwood to be the best it can be.

Prior to retirement, I was invited to speak as an expert on many occasions on topics such as:

  • development charges,
  • property tax issues,
  • changes to the Municipal Act,
  • the securing of benefits from developers during approval of applications for land development, and
  • various Planning Act matters.

I also had the honour of being invited to sit on a panel created to judge disputes between the federal government and municipalities on property tax issues.

I can offer an experienced and qualified voice at the Council table.

Vote for the future of Collingwood.


Collingwood has no waterfront policies in its Official Plan. We need such policies to create a vision as well as binding obligations on those who would develop on and near our waterfront.

As a new member of Council, I would propose that we would immediately act to initiate a review that will lead to the creation and implementation of waterfront policies in our Official Plan.


The land-use policies governing land to be used for employment purposes in Collingwood are decades out-of-date. As a new member of Council, I would propose that we immediately act to initiate a review of these policies.

We want to attract business to our Town and so we need land that is appropriately designated and ready for use.


Our new buildings should embrace good design and be incorporated into a built form that is pleasing and distinct.

We can ask our developments be better.


I believe we need strong policies in place to ensure developers do not unnecessarily remove trees. And if trees must come down, that they are replaced with more trees than were removed.


Our local roads are in bad shape and we need to invest in their repair.

We have too many roads with homes, children, and seniors living on them that are busy and acting to connect one end of town to the other.

It is time to ask whether traffic calming measures are needed in some areas.

It is time to erect signs to mark the “temporary” by-pass along Poplar Sideroad (to Concession 10 North and along Sixth Street) so as to encourage its use by those racing through town.


We need to identify new sources of non-residential property taxes to ease the burden on our residents.

Ready to vote?

Voting in 2018, for the first time, will be only by telephone or the internet. Click the button to learn more.